Indiana Northwest Region SCCA
February, 2015
INR Autograph
Hello INR Members and Fellow Racers!

One could say that it is currently a bit chilly out!  As I type this the temperature is in the single digits and will be for the next few days.  I certainly hope everyone is staying warm!  Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated our 2014 awards banquet and presented plenty of trophies and recognized several drivers and members for their contribution to another successful year!  Thank you to all those that joined us to congratulate everyone's accomplishments!  With the 2014 Awards banquet behind us, it's time to start thinking about the 2015 season. We have a tentative schedule in the works that is waiting for final approval from the casino.  Pencil in April 12th for the first solo event at Majestic Star Casino.  Keep your eye out on our website for the finalized official schedule!

To date, we have solidified a two day event at Grissom Air base on June 6th & 7th!

Regarding our membership meetings, we will resume our normal membership meeting schedule of the 3rd Thursday of the month at Schoops on February 19th, 2015.  

As always, keep tabs on INR events through our Facebook page, newsletters and membership meetings.  

-Alex Samardzich

Upcoming Events!

Come and join us this Thursday February 19th, at Schoops in Crown Point for our monthly Membership meeting.  The hot topic this month is the 2015 Solo Schedule!
For SCCA Solo News and information, check out the official newsletter of the SCCA Solo Program. Everything you want to know about what's going on in the world of Solo Racing can found within the site, such as racing schedules, event results, rule changes, tech and much more. Click Here to sign up for their email newsletter.
Dirty Dozen
Each year, attendees of our events and meetings have the opportunity earn points towards our Dirty Dozen award. The points vary based on events and work performed such as registration, timing, grid, etc. Attending other clubs events, road racing or helping at road race events also count towards the award. At the end of the year, the INR members with the top twelve highest points earn the club's recognition for their efforts as well as other gifts. 

Recently, the INR BOD decided that the dirty dozen should only apply to non-board members in order to recognize those who contributed to the continued success of our club.

We don't want to forget about those members that contribute to the Road Racing program.  Stay tuned for a newly minted award for Road Race participants!
The 2014 Dirty Dozen:
1. James Rose: 750
2. Steve Ruschak: 700
3. Keith Wilkening: 570
4. Kevin Kirchoff: 460
5. Jeff Jankiewicz: 450
6. Jack Wilkening: 415
7. Nicholas Zelisko: 280
8. Stuart Laks: 300
9. Matthew Leus: 280
10. Kevin Horecky: 270
11. Ron Spear: 270
12. Chris Brake: 270

SCCA Membership
As always, we like to encourage you to become an SCCA member. Benefits of becoming a member include discounted registrations fees offered by most regions. With this discount, an SCCA member can quickly cover the cost of their yearly membership! Read more about the advantages of becoming an SCCA member here.  Becoming an SCCA member is as simple as filling out this online form. When applying for your membership, please remember to specify Region 75 to become an INR SCCA member.

The Tire Rack
When the time comes to buy new tires, brakes, or other automotive accessories through the Tire Rack, make sure to navigate to the Tire Rack's webpage through the link on INR's website or through the link below. This gives you an opportunity to give a little back to the club through their affiliate program.

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